12v lighting wholesale

12v Lighting Wholesale

12v Lighting Wholesale was established to offer a specialty focus and service of 12v automotive lighting products, at a B2B wholesale level. Today, domestic wholesale and online retail of ONLY the best 12v lighting products in the world, is exactly what we’re doing. Product development, marketing, sales and support all happens from our USA headquarters, but we work with partners and suppliers all over the world for manufacturing, website design and e-commerce implementation. Today TLG has the mission to exceed our customers expectations through a specialty focus, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. The key to TLG’s ongoing success, rapid growth and customer satisfaction comes from our passion to help others achieve their goals, and to really stick to our market focus. Our eyes are always focused on the 12v automotive lighting market and we are never afraid of going above and beyond our customers’ expectations to both fix problems and make the buying experience superior to other retailers and wholesalers.